Blackbaud Database Breach – What You Need to Know

Blackbaud Database Breached – Information we want you to know

ASNS Blackbaud data breach F.A.Q.s

Late in July the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia was notified by our database service provider, Blackbaud, that they had experienced a ransomware attack that affected a growing list of charitable and non-profit organizations around the world, including the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia.

Since this notification, we have been working with Blackbaud and have contacted the Office of the Nova Scotia Information and Privacy Commissioner.

The Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia uses this database to manage donor, client, volunteer, and partnership, information.

We have been advised by Blackbaud that the ransom was paid, copies obtained by the cybercriminals were destroyed, and that their internal and law enforcement investigations have found no evidence that any information was disclosed by the cybercriminals. Based on this information, our preliminary assessment is that there is a very low risk of harm to any individual materializing from this cyberattack.

This cyberattack may have resulted in a breach of vulnerable information which may have included name, phone, email, address and/or other contact, demographic, or other confidential information you may have shared with us.

Read more about the incident from Blackbaud.

If you have any questions please contact Sarah Lyon, Director of Philanthropy [email protected] / 902-229-6093

Last Updated: 08/18/2020