Small Bottle, Big Impact! This spicy sauce is helping support the Alzheimer Society.


Learn about how Owen has given back to the Alzheimer Society through Asian Munchies, in honour of his mother.

Owen & his Mother

Meet Owen, founder of Asian Munchies and the Alzheimer Society of Ontario’s very own, IT extraordinaire!  

Owen’s mother has been living with dementia for over 20 years. “At this point in her diagnosis, my mom is able to remember things that happened over 30 years ago, but can’t recall anything that has happened within the past 15 seconds,” Owen shares. “This disease is very challenging. I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody.” 

Luckily, Owen’s parents live close by, which allows him to check in and visit them a few times a week. “As an employee of the Alzheimer Society of Ontario, I experience firsthand the essential services that the organization provides to the community to ensure people living with dementia like my mom get the help and support they need.”  

Xo Sauce

When the pandemic started in 2020, Owen wanted to find a way to use his passion for food and cooking to show his support for the Alzheimer Society and people like his mom through his Instagram business, Asian Munchies. Since both of his parents are from Hong Kong, he incorporated traditional Cantonese ingredients, like dried seafoods, cured ham and chili oil, into his XO Sauce making it a luxurious condiment that can be used on anything!

With a portion of the proceeds going to support the area of greatest need at the Alzheimer Society of Ontario, XO Sauce is one of Asian Munchies’ most popular items that make an impact with each delicious bottle sold. 

Thank you, Owen, for using your passions to make an impact in the lives of those living with dementia.

If you would like to learn more about Asian Munchies and purchase your own bottle of XO Sauce, please visit Asian Munchies Instagram or email Owen directly at [email protected].

Portion of proceeds goes towards supporting the Alzheimer Society of Ontario.