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I give because of my Betty

October 11, 2022

Ken Mantin, care partner for his wife Betty, shares why he gives to the Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia.

Ken & Betty Mantin on their anniversary

A message from our CEO: Navigating the Path Forward for Dementia in Canada

September 6, 2022

With the release of Navigating the Path Forward for Dementia in Canada: The Landmark Study Report #1, and with projections set to rise so significantly, we all have a role to play – in reducing our own risk, and in ensuring those with dementia and those who support them can live well and remain engaged in their communities.

A message from our CEO Navigating the Path Forward

40 Years of Impact

Nova Scotia
May 12, 2022

40 years! It’s hard to believe it, but that is how old ASNS will turn on January 31, 2023. 40 years of supporting Nova Scotians on the dementia journey. 40 years of impact.

ASNS logo overlaying old photographs

First Voice Perspective: InfoLine

Nova Scotia
January 21, 2022

“Someone else understands. Because you can talk to a lot of people, and everyone has an opinion, but unless they go through it, they don’t understand.”

#FirstVoicePerspective: InfoLine