Catherine Booth & Michael Kirk will match your gift.

Catherine Booth and her husband, Michael Kirk, will match your gift this World Alzheimer’s Month in loving memory of Catherine's father, Walter Booth. This September, your donations will have DOUBLE the impact in support of social recreation programs across Ontario.

Throughout our lives, we become forever changed by the people who matter to us most. For Catherine Booth, this includes her dad, Walter. Walter Booth was a gifted engineer, a successful businessman, and a father who had a generous spirit. Catherine admired and loved her dad. As her mentor, he inspired her to pursue her own career in engineering and on her graduation day, he was the one who placed Catherine’s Iron Ring on her finger—one of the most special memories they shared. Throughout his life, he was always on the go, but life took a turn shortly after Walter retired. The family lost their wonderful mother, Marilyn.

Then Walter was diagnosed with dementia. 

Watching how Alzheimer’s disease affected Walter more and more was heartbreaking for Catherine and her family. He became more withdrawn over time, and they didn’t know how to help him. That is why Catherine Booth and Michael Kirk created their Social Recreation Fund and have agreed to double the impact of all donations in honour of World Alzheimer's Month.

“We wanted to do something meaningful to honour the memory of my dad, Walter. He was a great father, mentor, leader, and philanthropist who taught us the power of giving. Together, we honour him and carry on his legacy through this matching gift.” – Catherine Booth

This September when you make a donation, your gift will have double the impact*, thanks to the Catherine Booth & Michael Kirk Social Recreation Fund. 

Social recreation programs provide opportunities for people living with dementia to be a part of the social fabric of their communities while promoting active lifestyles that focus on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Your contribution today will connect a family to social recreation programs, education, and counselling.

You can show your support by donating to your local Alzheimer Society.

And if you would like to hear more about Walter’s story, click here.

*Local donations will be matched up to $3,000 across Ontario chapters and $100,000 in Ontario and will support local social recreation programs at the Alzheimer Societies across Ontario. Any subsequent donations will support the areas of greatest need including social recreation, education, and counselling.

About the Catherine Booth and Micheal Kirk Social Recreation Fund

The Catherine Booth and Michael Kirk Social Recreation Fund was created in memory of Catherine’s father, Walter G. Booth, to support a variety of social recreation programs across the province. Through fundraising efforts, Alzheimer Societies across Ontario will match Catherine Booth and Michael Kirk’s generous donation of $100,000 a year, over five years, to bring the total impact of their gift to $1,500,000. 

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