Where to access information about COVID-19

Where you can access information on COVID-19 including symptoms, case counts and support for affected by dementia.

Resources from the Alzheimer Society of B.C.

The Alzheimer of Society B.C can speak to dementia and, in particular, how the current situation with the novel coronavirus may be affecting British Columbians who are living with dementia as well as their caregivers and other people who provide care for them.

For information on living with dementia or caring for someone living with dementia during COVID-19, explore our resource pages below:

Our COVID-19 resources for health-care providers are available here. For information on visiting and long-term care, view our "More than a visitor: care planning in a changing environment" resource here.

Information on COVID-19

For information on COVID-19, including symptoms and the number of cases in B.C., we would suggest visiting the following:

Health and medical queries

For advice on specific health or medical queries, we encourage you to visit the following: