Dementia-friendly businesses

Learn more about the key role businesses can play in creating safe and inclusive spaces where people living with dementia can remain meaningfully engaged in their communities, plus access our sector-specific guides.


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Making your workplace dementia friendly

It is possible to live well with dementia. The Alzheimer Society of B.C. provides the professional sector with resources and tools so that businesses and organizations are mindful of dementia, and people living with dementia can continue doing their own banking, shopping and managing their prescriptions, for example.

“The Alzheimer Society of B.C.’s Dementia-Friendly City session helped one of my staff members, at the Vancouver Public Library, identify and assist a member of the public living with dementia who was wandering.”

– Christopher Kevlahan, Vancouver Public Library

As their condition progresses, people living with dementia may experience new challenges with the activities they usually do, like attending an exercise class, eating at a restaurant or using transport. Your understanding of dementia can help enhance a person living with dementia’s ability to stay active in their community, as well as support their families, friends and caregivers.

We have worked with expert committees to develop resources tailored to specific professional audiences. Each resource will help professionals to:

  • Understand dementia and recognize when someone may be living with dementia.
  • Learn strategies and helpful tips for effectively communicating with people living with dementia.
  • Think about specific ways to support a person living with dementia in the workplace, and how current programs, products or services may be made more dementia friendly.
  • If applicable, explore the benefits of becoming a dementia-friendly establishment from a business perspective.


Resources for specific professional audiences

Download the resource that is right for you:

Making your workplace dementia friendly: Information for library professionals

Library professionals

For: Library managers, administrators, librarians, library staff and volunteers. 

Making your workplace dementia friendly: Information for legal professionals

Legal professionals

For: The personal planning, as well as the estate and elder law sector.

Making your workplace dementia friendly: Information for financial professionals

Financial professionals

For: The everyday banking, investments, retirement income and financial abuse sector.

Making your workplace dementia friendly: Information for housing professionals

Housing professionals

For: Assisted living or group living professionals and landlords.

Making your workplace dementia friendly: Information for recreation professionals

Recreation professionals

For: Fitness and recreation facilitators, trainers and volunteers.

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