「關愛腦友記」慈善晚宴 | Charity Dinner for Alzheimer's

Charity Dinner for Alzheimer's brings together like-minded philanthropists, organizations, community leaders and respected members of the Chinese community for a night of healthy dinner and silent auction in support of the Alzheimer Society of B.C.

charity dinner for alzheimer's

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因疫情而停辦四年,由卑詩省阿茲海默症協會及其華人諮詢委員會所舉辦的「關愛腦友記」慈善晚宴已於 2 月 25 日假幸運海鮮酒樓成功復辦,並得到各界人士的鼎力支持。當晚坐無虛席,共有超過 450 名賓客熱烈響應出席宴會,支持在社區內受腦退化影響人士。是次活動為卑詩省阿茲海默症協會籌得超過 $154,000。



2024 Charity Dinner lion dance opening

當晚的每個環節都相當精彩。大會準備了舞獅表演為晚宴打嚮頭炮,與大家慶祝龍年。緊接著有一系列的節目,包括非常受歡迎的無聲拍賣、以農曆新年為主提的自拍照相亭、幸運大抽獎及家屬照顧者 Eric Li 短片和個人分享。 

2024 Charity Dinner Eric Li caregiver sharing


估計到 2050 年,在省內每三位腦退化患者當中,就會有一位是亞裔人士,對比於 2020 年,增長超過百份之七百 (700%)。因此,與文化相關 (例如中文) 的支援和教育的需求將不斷增加,而「關愛腦友記」慈善晚宴所籌得的善款有助協會為受腦退化人士提供關鍵性的支援和服務,並支持相關研究,確保他們能夠用熟悉的語言溝通及過有意義的生活。





Wendy Wong 
電話: 604-742-4903 
電郵: wwong@alzheimerbc.org 
Ashley Fung 
電話: 604-742-4923 
電郵: afung@alzheimerbc.org 

2024 Charity Dinner cheque presentation

After four years of hiatus due to the pandemic, we were excited to finally bring back the in-person Charity Dinner for Alzheimer's back to the Continental Seafood Restaurant in Richmond on February 25. Over 450 guests and community leaders came together to show their support for the people affected by dementia, helping raise more than $154,000.

Funds raised will help the Alzheimer Society of B.C. to provide education, information and support to people living with dementia and their families, as well as fund dementia research.

We sincerely thanked everyone for their dedicated support; special appreciation goes to Mrs. Taam, award-winning celebrity chef, for consulting on the dinner menu and selecting brain-healthy and nutritious ingredients. Research has shown healthy dietary choices not only improve general health but also help maintain brain function in the long term and slow down memory decline.

2024 Charity Dinner silent auction

The evening was full of exciting entertainment. The Charity Dinner started with a traditional lion dance performance to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, followed by a series of activities, including the popular silent auction, photo booth, lucky draws and family caregiver sharing by Eric Li.

2024 Charity Dinner trivia game
2024 Charity Dinner God of Fortune

Dr. Robin Hsiung, Researcher and Associate Professor at University of British Columbia, used trivia to deepen everyone's knowledge on dementia. The God of Fortune also made an appearance, ending the evening with joy and happiness, spreading the care to people affected by dementia in the community while raising funds for the Alzheimer Society of B.C.

By 2050, it is estimated that one out of four people living with dementia in B.C. will be of Asian origin – up more than 700 per cent from 2020. Therefore, the need for culturally-relevant (e.g., Chinese) support and education will continue to increase. The funds raised by the Charity Dinner will help the Alzheimer Society of B.C. provide vital support and services for people affected by the disease and support dementia research to ensure they can communicate in their familiar languages and live a meaningful life. 

We'd like to express our gratitude to the Chinese Advisory Committee and the Chinese community for their support and contributions to the Alzheimer Society of B.C., as well as sponsors, media and community partners, volunteers and all the guests for their generosity that evening. Their presence not only supports the Alzheimer Society of B.C. but also gives people affected by dementia the courage to live on.

Thanks to "Friends of the Society – a group of anonymous donors for their generous support – the first $60,000 in donations was matched one-to-one, doubling the impact.

We look forward to seeing you next year!

If you would like to support the work of the Alzheimer Society of B.C. by donating or sponsoring the next Charity Dinner for Alzheimer's, please contact:

Wendy Wong 
Senior Development Officer, Chinese Community 
Direct: 604-742-4903 
Email: wwong@alzheimerbc.org 
Ashley Fung 
Development Coordinator, Events 
Direct: 604-742-4923 
Email: afung@alzheimerbc.org