Insight is a quarterly publication written for and by people living with dementia.

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Past editions

  • Spring 2024: "Embrace community connections this spring" (PDF)
  • Winter 2024: "Building community: Alzheimer's Awareness Month" (PDF)
  • Fall 2023: "Showing courage and raising your voice" (PDF)
  • Summer 2023: "The link between climate change and dementia" (PDF)
  • Spring 2023: "A new season offers opportunity for positive changes" (PDF)
  • Winter 2023: "Taking a stand against dementia stigma" (PDF)
  • Fall 2022: "Creating opportunities in a time of change" (PDF)
  • Spring 2022: "Brighter days are here" (PDF)
  • Winter 2022: "Challenging stigma through awareness" (PDF)
  • Fall 2021: "The link between hearing impairment and dementia" (PDF)
  • Summer 2021: "Celebrating dementia research" (PDF)
  • Spring 2021: "Keeping informed and active" (PDF)
  • Winter 2021: "Changing the future through awareness" (PDF)
  • Fall 2020: "Changes in long-term care and planning for the future" (PDF)
  • Summer 2020: "Keeping connected while we're apart" (PDF)
  • Spring 2020: "Let's unite and make memories matter" (PDF)
  • Winter 2020: "Changing the conversation" (PDF)
  • Fall 2019: "Changing the experience" (PDF)
  • Summer 2019: "Changing the future" (PDF)
  • Spring 2019: "A focus on dementia and human rights"
  • Winter 2019: "Yes. I live with dementia. Let me help you understand." (PDF)
  • Fall 2018: "Change and dementia" (PDF)
  • Summer 2018: "Focus on dementia-friendly research" (PDF)
  • Spring 2018: "Driving and dementia: Building awareness" (PDF)
  • Winter 2018: "Raising awareness for dementia" (PDF)
  • Fall 2017: "Accepting help along the journey" (PDF)
  • Summer 2017: "Living well with dementia" (PDF)
  • Spring 2017: "The power of your voice" (PDF)
  • Winter 2017: "Planning meaningful activities for the new year" (PDF)
  • Fall 2016: "Finding a new lease on life" (PDF)
  • Summer 2016: "Getting involved!" (PDF)
  • Spring 2016: "Looking forward to spring" (PDF)

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  • Photographs, drawings or paintings
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