Resources for healthcare providers in B.C.

An overview of the resources available for health-care providers, including how to make referrals and guidance on working with people affected by dementia.

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We’re committed to building a community of care, a province where people living with dementia are acknowledged, included and supported.

As health-care providers, you play an essential role in realizing our vision and bringing B.C. closer to becoming dementia friendly. One key way you can do this is by referring individuals affected by dementia to First Link®. Download the referral form. Please note: the PDF form is not fillable through Mozilla Firefox.

A key resource we provide is Building a strong foundation for dementia care, a dementia education workshop for anyone who works with people who live with dementia and accompanying guidebook. Download a copy of the guidebook here.

Guidelines for care

The province has established numerous resources to help health-care providers respond to the increased prevalence of dementia across British Columbia.

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Working with families

We have a number of resources to help foster understanding between health-care providers and families. The most effective care teams are those that work together.

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COVID-19 resources for health-care providers

Resources for health-care providers to help deliver person-centred care amid changing measures put in place to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We invite you to check back regularly as we continue to add new information.

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First Link® Dementia Helpline

The First Link® Dementia Helpline is for anyone affected by dementia, whether professionally or personally. Get the support you need, when you need it. Calling the Helpline has all the benefits of a referral from your health-care provider.

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