Working with families

We have a number of resources to help foster understanding between health-care providers and families. The most effective care teams are those that work together.


Dementia care teams: Families and continuing care providers working together

Produced by SafeCare BC and the Alzheimer Society of B.C., this video explores the challenges and successes of caring for people living with dementia, with the aim of fostering more understanding between families and health-care providers.


Ambiguous loss and grief

A guide to help health-care providers understand family loss and grief throughout the dementia journey to help connect with the person living with dementia and to build resilience.

Dementia and staff grief

A guide to help health-care providers understand their own grief. This guide provides suggestions for coping and self-care strategies for the workplace.

WorkSafeBC’s Guide to Working with People Living with Dementia

A series of videos that can help care aides and other professionals learn how to work more safely with people living with dementia.

To find more information about resources for health-care providers, please contact: