Join Dr. Heather Palmer for brain health tips this October

British Columbia

The brain is one of your most vital organs, playing a role in every action and every thought. Just like the rest of your body, your brain needs to be looked after. It's never too soon or too late to make lifestyle changes that will maintain or improve your brain health.

Headshot of Heather Palmer.

To learn more about brain health and what you can do to reduce your risk of dementia, join us for our webinar "The why and what behind brain changes in challenging times" on October 14 at 2 p.m. with guest speaker Dr. Heather Palmer, Amica’s National Director for Cognitive Well-Being.

It's an incredibly exciting opportunity to have Heather join us, who has more than 30 years of scientific and clinical experience in brain-behaviour relationships, including three years as the Director of Research for the Alzheimer Society of Canada. After developing and implementing evidence-based research relating to cognitive rehabilitation, Heather now devotes her time to applying what is being learned through science to help all people improve the way they think, feel and function.

To join Dr. Heather Palmer in a dynamic discussion about how a holistic approach to brain health can help your brain compensate for change, register for our webinar here

The Alzheimer Society of B.C. hosts weekly webinars on a range of themes around living with dementia. You can register for upcoming webinars here, or to watch videos of education content, click here.