Neptune Terminals helps support the Alzheimer Society of B.C. in its vison to create a more dementia friendly society.

British Columbia

Read about why Neptune Terminals supports the Climb for Alzheimer’s and their commitment to giving back and making the North Shore community stronger.

This month, as the Climb for Alzheimer’s is held across B.C., many people are committed to support people affected by dementia. Neptune Terminals has been a long-time event sponsor – and has been supporting the Alzheimer Society of B.C. for over five years.

We connected with Lisa Dooling, Director of Community & Stakeholder Engagement, to hear more about Neptune Terminal’s connection to our cause.

Why did your organization choose to support the Alzheimer Society of B.C.?

Dementia touches many people and we know it resonates with our employees who have felt the effects of the disease in their families. We try to support a range of organizations that make the North Shore community stronger and more resilient and the Alzheimer’s Society of BC is definitely one of those. Finally, the Grouse Grind® is on the North Shore and so the Climb for Alzheimer’s is an important community event in our operating area.

How does dementia affect people connected to your organization?

Some of our employees have or have had Alzheimer’s in their families. They appreciate the opportunity to participate in this work and Neptune’s support of it corporately.

What would you say to others in the business community considering putting their support behind Climb for Alzheimer’s or any of the other Society events?

Dementia touches so many people. Often you won’t even know your employees are dealing with it in their families. This is a catalyst for conversations. It’s also an opportunity to support important services for so many people in the communities where we live and work.

Do your employees have experience with the dementia journey and if so, what does support look like for your organization?

See above. No special support to date, to my knowledge.

Do you have personal experience with the dementia journey?

My maternal grandfather had Alzheimer’s. It was many years ago and I was too young to understand how it affected him, but I do remember the ways in which it changed life for his partner and my mother.

It is not too late to join Neptune Terminals in supporting the Climb for Alzheimer’s and in making a difference for people affected by dementia. Register now at