Person-centred care

Person-centred care is a philosophy of care that recognizes that individuals have unique values, personal history and personality and that each person has an equal right to dignity, respect, and to participate fully in their environment.

These resources can help you better understand dementia, behaviours associated with dementia and how to care effectively and respectfully for a person living with dementia.

Long-term care staff member supporting a person living with dementia to walk outside
  • P.C P.E.A.R.L.S: 7 key elements of person-centred care (Alzheimer Society of Canada).     

Woman living with dementia petting a horse

Understanding dementia

Health-care provider helping a man living with dementia orient himself




  • Understanding Wandering:  a resource to help you understand wandering, how to prevent it and what to do if it occurs.
  • MedicAlert® Safely Home®: provides a way to identify and alert family members and first responders quickly and efficiently if a person living with dementia goes missing.
Woman looking at a computer for information on driving











Last Updated: 07/05/2019