Steps to becoming a dementia-friendly municipality

Thank you for your consideration in becoming a dementia-friendly local government. The Society provides education and tools for you throughout this process. Here are the steps we encourage you to take:

Step 1. Partner in providing dementia-friendly education.


• Hold a Dementia Friendly workshop for the Mayor and the council.

• Co-host a Dementia Friendly workshop for the general public.

• Appoint a dementia-friendly communities point-person to be the Society’s contact.


Step 2. Set up a dementia-friendly working group.


• Identify key stakeholders, people living with dementia and community members to join a working group responsible for advising on your local government’s Dementia-Friendly Action Plan.


Step 3. Develop a Dementia-Friendly Action Plan.


• Work with the Society, local government staff and the working group to create a Dementia-Friendly Action Plan that focuses on the key areas identified in your community.

• Develop a strategy in partnership with city staff and the working group to communicate the dementia-friendly work being taken in the community with the general public.


Step 4. Implement your Dementia-Friendly Action Plan.


• Present the Dementia-Friendly Action Plan to the Society for endorsement.

• If endorsed, share with City Council, and request an endorsement or a resolution to work towards becoming dementia-friendly.

• Continue to meet with the working group regularly to work on the Dementia-Friendly Action Plan, and with the Society to review the progress of the plan and ongoing ideas for dementia-friendliness.


Step 5. Stay accountable.


• Engage people living with dementia on an ongoing basis in guiding and consulting on dementia-friendly goals and actions.

• Provide a maximum one-page brief or organize a short update meeting every six months with the Society.

• Complete an annual self-assessment (provided by the Society) on your community’s progress.


To learn more about what your community can do we encourage you to email us at [email protected].

Last Updated: 09/18/2019